Chapter 1: Plum Platoon

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“For every new series made in anything, there has to be some form of introduction. This is a web-comic called “The Plum Platoon” as I’d hope you can see… The basic plot follows the life of the ‘team of three’ as they make a living doing various odd jobs around the city, going to school, interacting with other character, ect. The characters themselves will become more fleshed out as time goes on. I know that perhaps the quality isn’t anywhere near the finest or prettiest, but I have a genuine belief that it can do and that the characters and dialogue will make the series feel good. For the record I’m making this web-comic because… One, I really desperately need a hobby to keep me occupied right now… But also because I just love to create comics and write dialogue for my many characters. I hope you please understand and enjoy this series for what it is: A light-hearted, slice of life comic with a focus on colorful and unique characters, situational scenes, and knowing not to always take itself too seriously.” – The Creator